(1D) - 2D (Michaels) - (P) - ?
3S is invitational (Marvin, Chris)
3D asks for better major (Chris), asks for better major and 8+ HCP (Marvin)

(1C) - P - (P) - 1H (2C) - 3C?
3C is limit raise in hearts (Liz & Chris)

(1C) - P - (P) - 1H P - 1S?

Apparently everyone agrees that on the auction P - P - 1S - 2C 3C - 5C Partner's limit raise says it is our hand and creates the forcing pass situation. Of course you could double 5C with good defensive values, but you also double 5C with minimum offensive values, and passing is essentially an invitation to 5S.

Asked about the auction of 1x - (X) - XX. There is a convention that if your hand is distributional such that you would pass partner's double, bid right away with a weak hand and wait-pull with a strong hand.
Marvin thought it was reasonable and agreed to play it. No answer from Chris and Liz.