Regarding the 2NT rebid by opener (after opening 1 of a minor)

Opening 1 of a Major


I [Chris] like to use it only when my suit(s) are of poor enough quality that I would not overcall, particulary if I have a poor major suit. If I have a good major I will overcall even if I have 5 of a minor. I can always bid the minor later (maybe). This will always suggest to my partner to lead my suit if I have bid it, but not if I have showed it with michaels (in the case where they get the contract).

I don't like to use Michaels for the strong 2 suiter. But I can always adjust. Do you have any preferences?


Balancing over an opening bid

Bidding a suit shows 8+ HCP. The double shows 10- and up. 1NT is 10 to 14, the jump shift is strong, and a cue bid is Michaels.

Defensive Carding


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