Our basic agreement is to follow the Berkowitz and Manley book Precision Today, Chapters 1 to 11. Departures:

Book notes:


Support doubles are on in all possible situations. When responder has shown a 5-card suit, the support double shows two-card support. Bidding another suit implies lack of support.

2/1 is always forcing to game, except 2C over 1D.

Responsive doubles are on only when partner has doubled, but they are on when the opps have changed suits.

Redwood. Over a 2C opening, 4D asks for aces. Over a 2D opening, 4H asks for aces.

1430 with the queen-asking bids. Probably the void-showing bids too, not that I exactly recall them.

Bergen raises, not in competition.


We have two auctions that we did not agree on a meaning. There doesn't seem to be a general principle to discuss, but I will list them for completeness.
1NT P 2C 2S
Is the double for penalty or to show hearts?
1S X XX 2C
Is 3S forcing?
1NT - P - 2C - P - 2H - X. Is the double for penalty or takeout? This actually came up on the Precision auction 1C - P - 1NT - P - 2C - X - 2H - X.
On the auction 1S - 1NT (overcall) - 2C, Liz plays 2C as forcing, I do not.

Super-Acceptance (and just Good-Acceptance)

Over Jacoby transfer for the majors, 2NT shows 3 trumps and 16+ points. Rebid below the suit again requests transfer (e.g., 1NT - 2D - 2NT - 3D).

In the minor-suit transfers, super-acceptance shows at least 3-card support and 16+ points.