This sets up randomly dealt hands following the limits you specify. Then you and your partner can practice bidding and see the results. The computer will not bid the opponents' hands, so you can only practice bidding without competition.

Name of the Bidding series: (This is used in identifying the set of hands you will bid)

Number of Hands in this bidding series:

Names of the Players: (Names are used to identify yourself to the computer)
Player 1:
Player 2:

Describe the opening hand. You may leave an entry blank, specify an exact number, or give a range (2-4, 15-17)
Opener's HCP
Opener's spades
Opener's hearts
Opener's diamonds
Opener's clubs

You may also make specifications about responder's hand.
Responder's HCP
Responder's spades
Responder's hearts
Responder's diamonds
Responder's clubs

You can specify the opening bid or leave this blank: (This should be in the form of 1NT or 2S)
Person to make the first bid (or first response if the opening bid is given):
Player 1
Player 2

Opening bid (optional)

Make sure you remember the names (including capitalization). They are your only key to finding the hands you construct. The computer is not sensitive about how you indicate your bid.