Another Side Point: "I Was Going to Make that Bid All Along"

The player might say that he/she was going to make that bid all along. This is unverifiable self-serving testimony, and should probably be discounted for that reason. However, the laws say that this testimony is also irrelevant.

The problem arises if the players are using screens and the player writes to his/her screenmate that he/she is going to make that bid. My impression is that this might occur, and if it did, the player would be allowed to make that bid and the director would not be called. If the director was called, I don't know what would happen. But it is clear in the laws that the commitment to make the bid is irrelvevant. It shouldn't be irrelevant. But it is.

There is a secondary question of whether a notice to a screen-mate is binding. Such a notice can't be both a license to make the bid in the fact of UI and nonbinding. Otherwise, people would make those so-called commitments all of the time, just in case there was UI.

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